Strona: Erasmus students / Centrum Języków Obcych

Erasmus students

      Foreign Languages Department at the Rzeszów University of Technology offers courses for Erasmus students in the following languages: English, German, French and Russian. All international students are very welcome to attend a foreign language course of their choice. The classes are held once a week and last 90 minutes each (30 hours in one semester). Erasmus beneficiaries participate in language courses on equal terms with Polish students. The courses are designed to educate learners at three CEFR levels: B1 (intermediate), B2 (upper-intermediate) or C1 (advanced). Before enrolling on a course a student is obliged to take an aptitude test whose results are used to place him / her into an appropriate class. During each semester students take two written tests and are allowed to miss two 90-minute classes. More than two absences need to be documented in writing. At the end of a semester students receive grades or credit by examination.

      Students are also very welcome to familiarise themselves with a commercial offer of the Foreign Language Department which includes courses at all levels of language proficiency in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Additionally, there are language courses for specific purposes to develop language skills relevant to a student’s subject field.

      All courses cover mainly communicative skills and are very enjoyable thanks to highly professional teachers, and updated content of the coursebooks supported with state-of-the-art digital resources.

      Foreign Languages Department is also an official examination centre where one can take a test and receive a certificate confirming their level of proficiency: English - TOEIC and British Council, French - DELF and TFI, German - Goethe-Institut and WiDaF.

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